Pop metal band Segmentia, which emerged from the shadows in April 2019, has released their first EP, Shanghai, on October 18, 2019. The release includes 6 sophisticated songs that you can travel from one mood to another. Powerful melodies, skilful playing, singing and peculiar sound are the most recognizable features of the Segmentia.

Kansana -Vocals
Arttu Vainiola -Guitar
Sami Lust -Bass
Jere Luokkamäki -Drums

Segmentia - No Resistance
(Live 2021)

Kansana - Vocals 
Arttu Vainiola - Guitars
Sami Lust - Bass
Jere Luokkamäki - Drums

Produced by Segmentia
Engineered, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Jari Prinkkilä
Cameras: Kalle Marjamäki, Mika Rinta-Porkkunen, Kimmo Konttila
Lights: Lauri Virkkala
Video edit: Kansana

Special thanks: City of Seinäjoki and Seinäjoki Youth Center


Pirinkatu 13
Seinäjoki, Finland

Band contact:  info@segmentia.net
Booking contact: booking@segmentia.net          
Phone: +358 44 5723993