Kansana - Vocals

Manu - Guitar

Stefan - Bass

Jere - Drums


Biografia suomeksi

Segmentia, Finnish pop metal band that masterfully weaves their music with a captivating blend of melodic and orchestral sounds, effortlessly fused with metal and pop/electronic influences. Their live performances are hailed as energetic, authentic, and sincere, leaving audiences spellbound.

What truly sets Segmentia apart is their exceptional talent for crafting songs that delve into compelling stories, drawing inspiration from the real lives and inner thoughts of individuals. They find their muse in the forces of nature, the enigmatic and melancholic north, and the unexplored dimensions of the world, infusing their music with a profound sense of mystery, wonder, and awareness.

In their firm belief, music transcends our earthly realm and possesses a magical essence, connecting us to something beyond. Segmentia's unique fusion of pop and metal proudly identifies them as the architects of "POP METAL FROM THE NORTH," inviting listeners to embark on a mesmerizing journey of discovery, unveiling the mystical curtain shrouding their music.

Drums: Jere Luokkamäki
Guitar: Manu Lenkkeri
Vocals: Kansana
Bass: Stefan Laine



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