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December 2012 friends, Arttu and Jere, waited for the end of the world at their mutual friend's place. The evening changed to night, and then to the next day...


The pop metal band Segmentia is a fireworks display of several music styles based on heavy and popping sounds. The band has also created a unique sound for themselves, called the “7egment” sound.

The stories of the songs are excerpts from the lives of the individual and humanity in this world - what things are relevant, what we have experienced here, what we should understand about life while we are here and, above all, what we should appreciate and cherish.

Pre-Segmentia was already formed at the end of 2012, on the ruins of a cover band. Segmentias first EP “Shanghai” was released in the fall of 2019. Before that, the band’s name was spun around, the bassists and singers have changed and the own sound has been sought, researched - and finally discovered.

The band members have brought their own different backgrounds to the bands music: Jere has been known in the past as a music expert for the power metal band Celesty and Sami has excelled in the field of oldschool music. Arttu has grown up in a music house accompanied by classical rock, and Kansana also has the music in her heritage. That is why Segmentias music also violates genre boundaries.

The connection and friendship between the members of the band is extremely important. The collective connection of people to each other and to the world around us draws us the steps of our music. Segmentia wants to convey this feeling through its music to its listener, at which point the listener becomes part of this journey and the heavenly flow space caused by music becomes shared!

Bass: Sami Lust
Guitar: Arttu Vainiola
Drums: Jere Luokkamäki
Vocals: Kansana


Pirinkatu 13
Seinäjoki, Finland

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Phone: +358 44 5723993