Nov 4th 2021 // New Segmentia

Greet our new singer Kansana and the new Segmentia! As already mentioned, we have been doing these live recordings which will be released one song in a week. Check the MEDIA segment.

Oct 25th 2021 // Segmentia news pt2

Before we release the new singer and the live recordings recorded with her, I want to open up the singer switching process a little more. Conversations with the band a year back were fundamental at the time when we began to explore new options for the new singer. We didn’t make the singer search public, but we discussed what are the qualities we are looking from a new singer. One obvious thing was that the new singer was going to be a woman. Another obvious thing was that we would not be looking for any well-known singer or someone who already sings in many other bands/projects because Segmentia needs full attention of each of its members. The third important thing would be personality and work ethic. Sure, the basic qualities of a new singer like musicality, singing skills, and a desire to practice are important stuff, but we wanted to prune out options first through character and moral issues. In short, we would look for a rough diamond. I think I have made it clear to all the musicians and singers in the band from the beginning that this is not just a nice pastime, but we work professionally and keep moving forward. For some reason, however, it hasn’t always gone quite that way, and that’s why getting Segmentia together has taken a huge amount of time - for several years. Here I’m not just blaming others, but most of all myself for not being unconditional enough telling these things when I have interviewed a new singer or bassist into a band. I have learned a lot from this trip. It wasn’t the first time I asked our new singer to join the band - it seems to be even the third or fourth time during the years. This time, she finally began to consider that she might have something to give to Segmentia and that Segmentia would provide a framework for developing her as a singer but also as a person. Even when we want to take the band in a more melodic direction specifically vocally, we found a common tone in the negotiations from the very beginning. I think it is good that we have been patient and decided to so-called close this Shanghai EP by releasing a live recording of its songs and introducing our new singer at the same time. This way the old can stay behind and we look forward, focusing on the new material and the future. The next steps are already marked, and we will tell you about them later this fall. I sincerely hope that you are as excited about the future of Segmentia as we are. See you at gigs, hopefully very soon.


Oct 18th 2021 // Segmentia news pt1

Today 18th of October exactly two years ago we released the Shanghai EP. Now it’s good to inform that our band is alive and is pushing well forward. While there has been - and still is - quite a bit of chaos in the world's culture field, that too is starting to look better and that’s why I don’t know a better moment to tell you that our band has a new singer. The new singer has been working with us for over six months now and we have not only trained together, but we have also been active in outdoor music work. This time, we decided with the guys that the new singer would be driven in, in peace, mainly to see that our new vocalist really engages the band. All the internal and external challenges have challenged us to ask ourselves, “is this what I really want”. And yes, this is! Right now, I feel good. Been felt for a long time. Actually, because the chemistry and spirit of the whole band is better than ever. When doing things that are important to the heart together, involving art and the different emotional states of four people, it is important that things are done with the heart open. So there are great emotions involved in the game and that game has been studied over the past year with a very special piety. Last fall and last year has been a kind of Checkpoint for the band, a crossroads where they had to look at the situation much more deeply than before.


Jan 14th 2021 // Segmentia info!

Phew, new year! As you all know, a lot has happened to Segmentia over the last year as well. While the world's situation is what it is, luckily, we were able to do a few live gigs early in the year. In the spring, we filmed the livestream gig in collaboration with Pole & Power.
Towards the end of the year, our singer, Laura Morgan, decided to leave the band. Therefore, the live compilation we were working on will not be released, unfortunately.
Things are progressing on the debut album and we are very excited about the future. Now, however, like we say in Finland, "Calmly, the good comes." The release date of the debut is likely to be specified, as long as the other moving pieces snap into place. During this time, as we focus on creative work, we will also do a little profile-raising for the band - more of that and other new things in the spring!
BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have followed the band's first steps, listened to Segmentia's music, and attended live gigs!

Stay tuned!

Nov 5th 2020 // Lineup changes in Segmentia

Laura Morgan, who has been a singer in Segmentia, will step side of the band for personal reasons. The band has discussed the subject with Laura in a good spirit and the band wishes all the best for her in the future. Segmentia will continue working on it’s debut album, which will be released according to a preliminary plan in 2021. Working on the album is still on schedule and at the same time the band is exploring different opportunities about singers.

Segmentia SHOP open!!

There's still some work to be done, but our merchandise SHOP is now open. Go and check out our new products!

Thank you for your support

Segmentia & Surprise Performer Live 20.5.2020

Segmentia live with surprise performer on wednesday 20.5. at 20:00. Link to the show will be added later! Just lean back and enjoy the ride!

Live release coming

Segmentia performed on 1.2.2020 at Seinäjoki Rytmikorjaamo in the Club Open Day event. The gig was filmed and recorded and will be released during this year. The video contains all the songs of the Shanghai EP plus 3 as yet unreleased songs !! One song will be uploaded to our YouTube channel for tasting in the spring, so stay tuned!
Event featured also bands Memoremains, Divine Apocalypse, Advent of fire and No tune brothers.

Picture by Jenna Kansanoja

Segmentia is getting closer to Tuska Metal Festival

Segmentia got enough votes and is proceeding in Tuska-torstai competition to the first qualifying round by appearing in Joensuu on 22.2!
During the evening there will be performing four different bands and two of those will continue to the next qualifying round.
The Royal Prize is getting to perform in the biggest metal festival in Finland, Tuska!

Segmentia would like to thank everyone who voted us. Every vote counted! Welcome you all to Joensuu to support Segmentia towards Tuska Metal Festival!

According to Tuska-Torstai website.
"You have cast a record number of votes in our history (32,418). The level of competition has been tightening year by year and there is no point in doing this anymore. The smallest difference in qualifying was three votes. More information in Tuska-Torstai website (Only in Finnish)

Vote for us! 😎🤘🏻 Direct link, just scroll a bit down to see SEGMENTIA and then press 👍

iVORY tOWER (Official video)

Produced by Jere Luokkamäki & Ville Hautaluoma
Mixed and Mastered by Ville Hautaluoma
Engineered and Recorded by Kimmo Perämäki & Jere Luokkamäki

Keyboards played by Jere Luokkamäki
Basses played by Teemu Rantanen
Lyrics checked by Geoff Bentz

Director of photography: Mikko Parkkonen

Special thanks to
Mikko Parkkonen
Jenna Kansanoja
Kaj Laukkanen

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